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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yamaha Golf Cars are manufactured in Newnan, GA, just outside of Atlanta. This Yamaha factory has been producing golf cars for over 35 years. Additionally, they manufacture Yamaha ATV’s, Side By Sides, and other Yamaha vehicles. The local engineering and production know-how for all of these products goes right back into each of these products.
The HybriCore™ chassis is 20% lighter and 2.5 times stronger than comparable models.  The chassis is an automotive ladder-style, 100% robotically welded tubular rectangular steel frame, protected by an 18-step paint process, with a polypropylene structural floor.

This is the same technology used for all high-quality automotive chassis, and with proper care, will last the life of the vehicle.

Furthermore, these chassis are not subject to galvanic corrosion that occurs when dis-similar metals are assembled together, such as with an aluminum frame with steel steering and suspension components.

Just another reason why we love our Yamaha products.

Most carts have a serial number label on the frame below the seat, or in the dashboard area. The specific location varies by manufacturer and model.

For Yamaha golf carts, the serial number location and method for interpreting the serial number can be found at:

Top quality batteries will have a date code stamped into the (-) Negative battery post.  The code consists of a single letter and a single number.  The letter designates the month with A=January, B=February, etc.  The number designates the year with 0=2010, 1=2011, etc.  A battery with a date code of D5 is April 2015.

Some batteries will have a date code punched into a paper label on the battery.  Lesser quality batteries will carry no date code.

Everything you need to know about maintaining your vehicle is found in the Owner’s Manual.  Coastal Carts also offers a FREE maintenance orientation.  Please visit our showroom or email our Service Manager for more details.
The manufacturer of any vehicle will list the required preventive maintenance in the Owner’s Manual. An annual service for a golf cart is akin to an oil change, tire rotation, and mechanical & safety inspection for a car. Golf carts perform better, cost less to own in the long run, and hold their value if they are properly maintained. Click here for additional details on Annual Service.
Yes, most maintenance and repairs can be performed on-site. Call Coastal Carts and ask us about our Total Cart Care service.
First, check your Circuit Breaker and GFCI to be sure the charger is getting power. If it is, then most likely, your batteries are deeply discharged as a result of not being charged in many months. Furthermore, your charger will not activate because it does not recognize a healthy battery pack present and ready to be charged. Your cart will require a jump start and possibly new batteries. Click here for more details about batteries and chargers.
While a few owners have a suitable truck and trailer to transport their golf cart, most utilize our Coastal Carts delivery truck, or in many cases, we can service your cart on-site.
Yamaha Golf Car Company’s warranty pays for covered repairs for parts and labor. The Warranty does not reimburse Dealers’ for any transportation costs. Click to access the Yamaha Golf Car Warranty.
Just like in automobiles, high quality golf carts with gasoline engines have migrated away from carburetors to Electronic Fuel Injection.  EFI vehicles are quiet, powerful, efficient, and have lower emissions than comparable carbureted models.   Carts with EFI no longer need to be choked.
Yamaha AC Power carts have more powerful motors, quicker acceleration, better hill climbing power, and require less maintenance because they do not have carbon brushes that need periodic replacement.
Coastal Carts accepts trade-ins of Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-GO models that are 15 years old or newer, are in average or above-average condition, and are in good working order or only require minor repairs.   The trade-in value depends on the make, model, age, battery type & age, condition, and installed equipment.  Contact our Sales Department to obtain a trade-in value.  Trade-in values are limited to 25% of the purchased vehicle price. Vehicles not eligible for trade-in will be given consideration for scrap value. Coastal Carts can also sell vehicles on consignment if we believe the vehicle has broad sales appeal.
Coastal Carts accepts personal checks drawn on U.S. banks with valid ID, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash in US currency, and bank financing. We do not accept American Express or foreign checks or cash.
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