Power Equipment

When it comes to power equipment, Coastal Carts of Southwest Florida offers the best selection and highest quality parts and equipment available. An authorized Yamaha Dealer, we offer the best Yamaha equipment on the market for your commercial or consumer use. Yamaha offers not only great equipment at affordable prices, but they also offer one of the best warranties around. With equipment by Yamaha you can trust your equipment to work just as hard as you do. From backup generators and inverters to power washers and pumps, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find what you’re looking for. Our back up generators come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of both our consumer and commercial clients. Our inverters will help you get your cart started after you’ve been away for the summer. Our power washers are designed to get the job done fast so you can get back to the golf course. Contact us to get started today!


Yamaha generators are industrial grade and made with features that help you get the job done. Whether you need to run an entire jobsite or just a few tools there’s a generator perfectly designed for your needs.

  • The DE models offer electric start and batteries hidden under the frame to keep them protected.
  • All models come standard with wheels, fold-down/locking handles and battery
  • All models also come standard with OHV engine which offers run efficiency, more reliability, and quieter operation
  • 3 year limited warranty on all models
  • All models are also suitable as back up generators for residential homes as well as use in industrial or construction setting

Plus when you buy Yamaha Generators, you know you’ve purchased the best in quality and durability.


Please always use your generator outside. It should never be used inside because of carbon monoxide emissions which are very dangerous. Always place your generator outside when you using it.


Yamaha Inverters are exactly what you need when you want power that is compact, light weight, and still well, powerful. Yamaha’s inverters will power small electronics like laptops, charge tablets and phones, or bigger electronics like televisions. They can also power drills, saws, air conditioners, and other devices that draw more power.

  • Yamaha generators have the longest emission engine durability ratings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.
  • All of the inverters feature Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) so voltage stability is within ± 1%, and frequency stability is ± 0.1 HZ. You’ll find the pure sine wave to be as clean or cleaner than that which you’d get from Public Utilities.
  • Yamaha’s Smart Throttle feature automatically adjusts rpm and engine speed to match the load, reducing fuel consumption.

Plus when you buy inverters made by Yamaha you know they are powered by the best.


Please always use your inverter outside. It should never be used inside because of carbon monoxide emissions which are very dangerous. Always place your inverter outside when you using it.

Power Washers & Pumps

Yamaha Power Washers (or Pressure Washers) are top of line washers with everything you’ve come to expect from Yamaha. Lasting equipment that’s durable and powerful at an excellent value.


All pumps move water, Yamaha pumps MOVE the water. Reliability because you know its Yamaha. Durability comes standard.