Commercial Carts

Coastal Carts is a leading provider of Commercial carts for many types of businesses throughout Southwest Florida. From hotel concierge service to police departments and landscape companies, many different businesses and government agencies benefit from the specialized features of commercial carts.  Visit our showroom to view great examples of carts available to meet your business needs.


Available as the UMAX ONE, UMAX TWO, UMAX RALLY and UMAX RALLY 2+2, this Yamaha line of commercial carts comes in a variety of configurations to meet your business needs. Single-seat, two-seat, 2+2 configuration allow for the right balance of cargo and passenger space.  Rugged off-road capabilities, substantial cargo beds, color options, storage compartments, lifted suspension, brush guards and more make the UMAX line of commercial carts an easy choice.  Visit Coastal Carts to learn more and customize your cart for your business.


The Yamaha Drive 2 line of commercial carts offers configurations with 2, 2+2, 4 and 6-seat as well as a Super Hauler model. Whether carrying people or cargo is your goal, the Drive 2 line has a commercial cart for you. The range of features allows you to do everything from replacing water heaters, to providing first-class luxury to your discerning passenger. The flexibility and usability of the Drive 2 commercial carts will meet your demands and Coastal Carts can help you choose the right model and features for you and your business.

We sell and service golf carts throughout the areas:


  • Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lee County, Pine Island
  • Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach
  • South Seas Resort
  • Naples, Collier County, Ave Maria, Marco Island


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