2024 Hottest Trends in Golf Carts

2024 Hottest Trends in Golf Carts

The golf cart and NEV, (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), markets are growing at a fast pace based on
many factors. Not just for golf anymore, NEVs are rapidly gaining market share thanks to people using
them to get around their residential communities and even for short errands or going out to eat.

At Coastal Carts, our dedicated team of cart and NEV experts are constantly striving to stay ahead of the
curve by offering the most popular manufacturers and models equipped with the latest technology,
safety advancements and passenger comforts and conveniences.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most innovative cart trends emerging today.

Solar Panel Battery Charging
There are several companies that are manufacturing solar panels that are affixed to a cart or NEV roof, or
that serve as the roof itself. The panels come in both rigid and flexible styles that can easily be installed
onto most major cart brands and use the power of the sun to keep the batteries charging during even
overcast days. The panels come with a converter that connects to lithium ion and traditional lead cell
batteries, keeping your cart ready to go and reducing the costs of charging with electricity.

GPS Technology
Long gone are the days of carts being equipped with a screen showing course layouts. Today’s latest GPS
technology can show you detailed overhead graphics of every hole with up-to-the-minute data on
distances and course contours, track your location and playing time and much more. There are also
portable and handheld GPS units that can be carried in your pocket or clipped to a hat or belt that can
track swing speed and other play performance enhancements.

Customization that Stands Out in a Crowd
Many people love creating their own unique style of golf cart or NEV with dozens of modifications like lift
kits, oversized tires and wheels, light bars, high performance sound systems and much more. Today’s
custom cart trends allow owners to create the vehicle of their dreams in hundreds of color and style
combinations, custom seating, dashboards, and steering wheels and even body graphics featuring their
favorite sports teams.

Other new cart innovations include self-cancelling turn signals just as you would find in a passenger car
and portable air conditioning and heating units that mount to the cart’s dashboard.

Lithium Battery Advancements
The lithium golf cart and EV battery market is seeing dozens of new innovations and enhancements.
Today’s lithium ion batteries charge as much as five times faster than traditional batteries and hold a
charge for much longer, creating a much more efficient carting experience. Lithium batteries are lighter
than lead acid batteries, trimming considerable weight from today’s carts and EVs, and require no
maintenance, eliminating the need for continually checking your battery’s water levels.

Since 1992, Coastal Cart’s team of dedicated golf cart and EV experts have been helping our customers in
choosing the ideal cart for their needs. We carry carts from Yamaha®, Tomberlin®, ICON®, and EPIC
Carts®, each offering extensive lines of different models and configurations designed to meet any
requirements from a casual round of golf to transporting multiple passengers in style and comfort or
commercial and industrial use.

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