Golf Cart Safety Equipment – Top Items for a Safe Ride

Golf Cart Safety Equipment – Top Items for a Safe Ride

Most golf carts, whether gas or electric, are not capable of reaching a top speed of over 25 miles per hour. But just because these popular vehicles are not particularly fast does not mean they are not involved in accidents that can result in serious injury, permanent disability, or even death.

Each year, about 15,000 people suffer some type of injury while riding in a golf cart. At Coastal Carts, we advocate for safe golf cart operation and equip your cart or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, (NEV), with the right safety equipment and accessories to keep you as safe as possible.

Here are the most important safety features you need on your cart, whether you use it only on the golf course or as a way to get around your community or neighborhood.

Seatbelts – Because most golf carts and NEVs don’t have side doors like a passenger car, the risk of being ejected in a cart accident or even while going around a sharp turn is reduced when the occupants are wearing a seatbelt.

Proper Lighting – With the surge in popularity of NEVs, many people use their carts to get around their community while sharing the roadway with conventional vehicles. This means the need for LED headlights, rear red taillights, brake lights and turn signals to ensure the best visibility in the dark. Many people also add reflective stickers to their carts for added visibility. If your existing cart is not equipped with a full lighting package we can install one for you.

Speed Controls – Newer golf carts and NEVs come equipped with mechanical speed control capabilities to ensure the cart doesn’t travel too fast for conditions.

Reverse Alarm – In places where carts are used near people like on pathways that allow pedestrians and carts, around the clubhouse, or at the community pool, an audible reverse alarm is a critical piece of safety equipment every cart should have. A horn is also an important safety feature, and some newer carts are even equipped with a dash-mounted back-up camera for added safety.

Sturdy Roof Supports – Many cart accidents happen when a cart or NEV turns over on its side or even rolls over on its roof. The metal pillars that support the vehicle’s roof need to be strong enough to prevent the roof from collapsing in the event of a serious crash.

Mirrors – All carts and NEVs should be equipped with mirrors mounted on the side roof support pillars as well as above the driver in the center of the cabin. Just as in a car, it is critical to see who is approaching from behind.

Automatic Parking Brake System – Many newer carts are equipped with braking systems that automatically engage the parking brake when the cart comes to a complete stop. The parking brake is released when the accelerator is depressed.

Some of the carts we offer at Coastal Carts are even equipped with advanced autonomous safety features you’ll find in many automobiles.

Of course, many golf cart crashes are the result of careless or reckless operation, so it is critical to never drive too fast for conditions, especially while cornering, always follow all rules of the road if your cart is street legal, and don’t allow inexperienced drivers, those under 18 unless licensed to drive in their respective state, behind the wheel.

Your Safety and Comfort is Our Commitment

Since 1992, our team of dedicated golf cart and NEV experts at Coastal Carts have been helping our customers in choosing the ideal cart for their needs. We carry carts from Yamaha®, Tomberlin®, ICON®, and EPIC Carts®, each offering extensive lines of different models and configurations designed to meet any requirements from a casual round of golf to transporting multiple passengers in style and comfort or commercial and industrial use.

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