Regular Monthly Maintenance – How to Keep Your Cart Rolling

Regular Monthly Maintenance – How to Keep Your Cart Rolling

Owning a golf cart, Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, (NEV), or Low Speed Vehicle, (LSV), is no different than owning a car – you’ll need to maintain it properly and at regular intervals to make sure it operates safely and for as long as possible.

Coastal Carts offers complete regular and emergency service and scheduled maintenance programs to ensure your cart is in top condition and ready to roll. With our Monthly and Annual Service Subscriptions you can rest assured your cart or EV is always kept in premium condition and provides you with the most rewarding ownership experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important maintenance issues for a golf cart.

Batteries – A key component of your service revolves around what type of batteries you have in your cart. Lithium ion battery packs require no maintenance, but traditional lead acid or “wet cell” batteries need a bit more attention. Our service technicians will check your battery’s water levels at least once per month to ensure they’re at the proper levels to avoid damaging the battery.

It is also a good idea to charge your cart’s batteries fully after each use to add to the battery’s lifespan. We will also clean your battery terminals and check all connections to make sure they are secured tightly.

Oil and Lubrication – For gas vehicles, checking your engine oil monthly and other fluids is a sound maintenance practice, along with scheduling regular lubrication for things like the steering system and suspension components. Coastal Carts offers this service on a monthly or annualized basis, with our easy subscription service billed to your credit card.

Braking System – Whether your cart has drum or disc brakes, we’ll inspect all components of your entire braking system to ensure safe operation.

Tire Pressure – We’ll make sure your cart’s tires are carrying the correct amount of pressure and inspect them for any abnormal issues or leaks.

Lights and Signals – Our service techs will check to make sure all of your cart’s lights and turn signals are working properly, especially important if you have a street legal NEV or LSV.

Always look at the space in which your cart is parked at home to check for any fluids that may be leaking and advise your Coastal Cart service expert so we can investigate.

If you plan to store your golf cart or EV while up north for the summer season, the type of battery charging system you have can be an issue. A standard charger, if left plugged in while you’re gone, will not come back on in the event of a power outage, which is quite frequent in Southwest Florida. A more advanced “smart” charger will charge your batteries as they need it, no matter how long it is plugged in, providing a trickle charge. Ask us for more information.

To avoid other issues that may damage your cart while you are away for the summer, Coastal Carts will arrange to inspect and drive your cart while you’re away from your Florida home to ensure everything is operating correctly. Cart maintenance is a critical component of ownership and key to getting the most enjoyment and use out of your vehicle.

SUMMER SERVICE SPECIAL SAVINGS! Ask about our complete list of Monthly and Annual Service Specials for our affordable Total Cart Care programs.

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