Show Your Cart Some Love in February

Show Your Cart Some Love in February

The most effective way to make sure your golf cart or EV performs like it should is to perform specific service maintenance at the proper intervals. Regular service reduces the risk of a problem and ensures your cart will provide optimum enjoyment for as long as you own it.

NOW is the perfect time to give your cart or LSV a complete servicing to prepare for the spring season. Department Manager Doug Reynolds points out that Coastal Carts can come to your location to pick up your cart and deliver it back to you when the work is complete, or service it at your home.

Here are the services we provide in our Service and Parts Department:
• CHECK differential grease or transaxle oil
• CHECK rear axle and steering knuckle bearings, bushings, and seals
• CHECK, clean, and adjust drum brakes (if equipped)
• CHECK and adjust tire pressure and rotate tires
• CHECK and adjust front end alignment
• CHECK electrical system
• LUBRICATE front steering and suspension grease fittings (if equipped)
• LUBRICATE accelerator and other linkages
• PACK front wheel bearings and install new grease seals if necessary
• PAINT critical frame and suspension components if necessary
• REVIEW for applicable factory or dealer warranty or tech alert items

ELECTRIC vehicle additional service:
• CHECK battery charger for proper function
• CHECK battery fluid levels and load test
• CLEAN and TIGHTEN battery posts, reapply anti-corrosion coating

GAS vehicle additional service:
• TUNE-UP including oil change, oil filter, air filter, pre-filter, spark plug
• CHECK drive and starter belts and fuel hoses
• ADJUST cables and shafts on throttle, choke, and carburetor

In addition to this comprehensive service, Coastal Carts is now offering a 10% discount on converting your cart to Lithium Ion batteries.

“Showing your cart or EV some love will pay off with a longer vehicle life, optimum performance and easy, carefree operation,” says Reynolds.

Whether you purchased your cart from Coastal Carts or not, our highly trained service techs will keep your cart performing as it should for years to come.

Since 1992, our team of dedicated golf cart and EV experts have been helping our customers in choosing the ideal cart for their needs. We carry carts from Yamaha®, Tomberlin® and ICON®, each offering extensive lines of different models and configurations designed to meet any requirements from a casual round of golf to transporting multiple passengers in style and comfort or commercial and industrial use.

Additional parts and labor may be required and will be estimated at time of service. Service fee slightly higher for gas carts.

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