Top Accessories for Golf Cart Customization

Top Accessories for Golf Cart Customization

Just like car owners, many owners of golf carts and EVs enjoy adding some custom flare to their vehicles to make them unique and more functional.

Some of the newest carts available today offer just about every new accessory and technology one could ever want, but many owners of older carts want to make them stand out from the ordinary and add more fun to their carting experience.

“There are so many products out there designed to not only dress your cart up visually, but that will add more functionality and performance enhancements to your cart,” said Jerry McTear, Founder of Coastal Carts of Southwest Florida in Fort Myers. “We not only sell a complete line of today’s hottest new carts and EVs, but our service department team are experts in adding any custom accessory to any cart.”

Let’s take a look at some of the industry’s most popular customization accessories.

Lift Kits – Raising your cart or EV up off the ground not only adds a bold new look to your cart, but also makes it easier to get in and out. Lift kits are part of the cart’s suspension and can raise a cart by 3-inches to a radical 6-inches off the turf.

Wheels and Tires – Many owners are not satisfied with the wheels and tires that come with their carts. Today, there are dozens of manufacturers that produce high-end, custom cart wheels that rival those on any custom car. Offered in steel or aluminum, you can select from mild to wild designs in either the standard size or larger, perfect if your cart is raised. Tires are also available in dozens of tread patterns and designs, depending on how you use your cart. New wheels and tires are some of the easiest ways to give your cart a completely new look.

Audio Components – The audiophile can equip their cart or EV with many audio speakers for their sound system, from adding a couple of additional speakers to installing a radical overhead sound bar that rivals the audio quality of any home stereo system.

Custom Lighting – One of the hottest trends in cart customization is the addition of custom lights. Options include eye-popping lights under the cart’s chassis and wheel wells and overhead light strips that give off a cool glow. Some of these lights are capable of changing colors via a dashboard controller.

Custom Seating – For the ultimate in style and comfort, custom cart seats are a sure way to make your cart unique. Upgraded materials, added cushioning and stunning stitch patterns and designs will make your cart a joy to drive, and you can select colors to match or complement your cart’s body color.

Since 1992, Coastal Cart’s team of dedicated golf cart and EV experts have been helping our customers in choosing the ideal cart for their needs or customizing their existing cart. We carry carts from Yamaha®, Tomberlin®, ICON®, and EPIC Carts®, each offering extensive lines of different models and configurations designed to meet any requirements from a casual round of golf to transporting multiple passengers in style and comfort or commercial and industrial use.

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